Are you getting fed up with your home’s electrical devices not functioning as they should? Perhaps the lights keep going out, and you don’t know why. Every home faces an electricity issue at some point, and understanding how to fix electrical problems is something every homeowner should know.

This guide will run through the most common electrical problems and how to troubleshoot them.

So, let’s start with gauging some of the leading issues in the home!


What Are the Most Common Electrical Problems?


Learning how to fix electrical problems at home can range from simple fixes to complex applications that require a licensed professional. Suppose you’re unsure about anything electrical in the house and fixing issues. In that case, it’s always best to consult an expert, as you don’t want to cause harm to yourself or damage your home.

But having said that, it’s always good to understand what can cause electrical issues to smooth the process of fixing them. So, let’s review some of the most common electrical problems.


The 10 Common Electrical Problems and Their Solutions


Discover ten of the most common electrical problems and their solutions below.


  • Electric Shocks


Let’s start with what’s arguably one of the most common electrical problems at home; electric shocks. Suppose you’re starting to feel mild shocks every time you turn on an appliance. In that case, the machine has either an electrical problem or an issue with the wiring.


Try plugging in another device and see if it has the same issue. If you still see the machine producing electric shocks, you’ll need to call someone who provides electrician services to address the problem.


  • High Electricity Bills


It’s no secret that we’re seeing higher electricity bills than ever. Still, even with the increased costs, sometimes you’ll see charges that go far beyond the electricity used at home. If they are excessive, there could be a few problems causing the high usage, including:

  • Electrical system leakage
  • Outdated devices that consume more power than necessary
  • Wires and circuits routing electricity are damaged


Saving on bills involves upgrading your current electrical system to something more cost-effective and modern. You can also unplug unused devices and seek to repair any damaged wires and circuits that might cause power leaks or surges.

A energy meter measuring the amount of electrical energy spent

  • Electrical Surges


Electrical surges rank amongst the top common electrical problems, often because of poor wiring or dated appliances in the home. However, external factors such as lightning strikes or damaged power lines can also cause surges.

Should they be more frequent, you might see your electrical equipment get damaged and reduce its lifespan.


Check the connections that link your device to the home grid, and disconnect any poor-quality power boards from the outlet. Seek assistance from an electrician and consider new electrical outlet installation to further prevent the problem. You can also go with the safer option for the long run, and opt for a surge protection installation.


  • Overloading


Overloading is when a light bulb designed for low wattage sees too much electricity passing through, therefore, overloading the bulb. The high wattage passing through risks melting the socket and wires of the fixture and can cause electrical fires to break out.


Ensure you place the correct bulb for the fixture.


  • Light Switches Not Working


Faulty light switches are another common electrical problem involving poor-quality installation or products. They may not be working correctly or at all because there’s an issue with the wiring, circuit, or outlet.


You’ll need to contact an electrician to help remedy this issue, as fixes can be fiddly and intricate.


  • Tripping Circuit Breaker


Have you ever started running multiple high-powered devices to find the entire grid goes down? That’s called tripping the circuit breaker.

In contrast to other issues, if a circuit breaker trips, it’s a good sign that it’s doing what it should.


If it’s vital to run all these electrical devices, try lowering the power settings on the machines where applicable. Otherwise, reduce the number of devices using the same power source simultaneously.


  • Power Dips


Power dips occur when electrical appliances connect to poor-quality power grids. They may consume more power than necessary which will cause them to sag and not function correctly.


Consider upgrading your power grid to something more substantial if you want improved and more sustainable power consumption for your devices.


  • Light Bulbs Burn Out Often


Replacing light bulbs isn’t the most pleasant job, but regularly doing it is a significant inconvenience. If the bulbs burn out often, there may be a series of common electrical problems causing them to go out, including:

  • High voltage
  • Wattage is more than necessary
  • The bulb is too tightly fixed into the fixture
  • Poor wiring on the mains
  • Not enough air circulation


If the holder for the light bulb is loose, that might be the problem. But should the problems persist, getting an electrician to investigate the issue is recommended.

A burnt lightbulb

  • Poor Circuit Protection


Another of the most common electrical problems is one that’s not often considered. A Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) may not be installed in the box, meaning there’s little protection should the circuit have residual current.


It’s highly recommended to install an RCCB, as it protections your main breaker against currents, shock, and electrical fires.


  •  Over-Circuited Panels


Finally, over-circuited panels pose another issue to the electrical grid at home. This is when too many tandem breakers are in one slot, over-circuiting the board and leaving a risk of electrical fires or further damage to homes.


If you need a circuit board that can accommodate more tandem breakers, call an electrician to replace it with one that suits your needs.


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