Nowadays, electricity is one of the most vital resources. Without it, none of our electronic devices, vehicles, homes, or computers would work. At this very moment, you wouldn’t even be able to read this. Because of how integral electricity is to contemporary living, it is critical that your home’s system maintain optimal performance at all times. Unfortunately, problems can arise at many points in a home’s electrical system, including malfunctioning switches and fuses as well as overheated or entirely dead electrical components. So, if you ever need home electrical services in Graham, WA, Modern Wiring is here to help you.

When You Need Home Electrical Services, Choose Modern Wiring

With great pride, our team here at Modern Wiring offers unmatched home electrical services in Graham, WA. Our excellent technicians and electricians possess the required insurance, bonds, and licenses. Additionally, we have all the tools and equipment necessary to handle any electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades that your house might need. As such, if your home has been experiencing troublesome electrical problems, get in contact with us right away, and we’ll be there to assist you in solving the problem swiftly.

Our First-Class Electrical Services

We are not your typical neighborhood electrical contractor. We are a full-service electrical company that can assist you with any electrical issues that may arise in your house. From a straightforward electrical repair to get your switches functioning again to installing an electric car charging station in your garage, the team here at Modern Wiring can handle it all!

We offer the following home electrical services in Graham, WA, in addition to our full-service electrical repairs, installations, and upgrades.

Backup Generators

A backup generator is essential for every home in case of an emergency that renders the electricity unusable. We can help you choose, install, and maintain a backup generator that is compatible with the electrical system in your home.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Does your home have a space that might benefit from a ceiling fan? If so, installing and setting up some new ceiling fans is a breeze for the Modern Wiring team.

Electrical Outlet Installations

Having enough electrical outlets in your home is crucial in this day and age. By handling all the necessary behind-the-scenes electrical and wiring work, Modern Wiring can add more outlets anywhere in your house.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Old electric panels are not only inefficient, but they can also be unsafe for both the property and the people who live there. We are able to upgrade outdated electrical panels in a manner that far exceeds state and local standards thanks to our vast experience and expansive network of suppliers.

EV Charger Installations

If you drive an electric vehicle, you are aware of how challenging it can be to locate convenient charging locations. Don’t worry—thanks to Modern Wiring, you can have your very own EV charging station right at home!

And More!

Whether you need help with hot tub electrical wiring, whole house surge protection, or anything else electricity-related, Modern Wiring can help. To talk with a member of our team and learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call at 253-785-3476.

Are Electrical Problems Disrupting Your Home Life?

Residential houses, particularly those constructed and wired more than a decade or two ago, are all too prone to electrical difficulties. Please don’t hesitate to contact Modern Wiring promptly if you are facing any of the following problems:

  • Faulty switches
  • Dead, poorly powered, or flickering outlets and lights
  • Lightbulbs that frequently burn out
  • Burning odors from electrical components
  • Abnormally high electric bills
  • Circuit breaker issues
  • Routine electrical surges

Get a personal electrical estimate.