Surge Protection

You probably don’t think too much about all those accessories and appliances which run off electricity in your household – that is, unless you’ve had your power knocked out for any period of time and been left without any power whatsoever. All kinds of electrical disasters related to power surges are possible, and if you should experience a power surge at your home, it’s entirely possible that some of your own appliances could be fried and damaged beyond repair.

Surge protection installation done by a professional

You could lose your heating and cooling systems, your hot water heater, and even a substantial part of your electrical wiring. In just a moment that it takes for a surge to overwhelm your electrical system, you could be left without any power and without any appliances. You can avoid all this by having a home surge protector installed by our skilled professionals at Modern Wiring. We provide the service of surge protection installation in Puyallup, Graham, Kent, Orting, Fredrickson, South Hill Puyallup, and Tacoma. Call us with any inquiries you might have about home surge protectors.

What are power surges?

Power surges happen when excess voltage is sustained by any of your electrical components and when this excess voltage remains in effect for longer than 10 milliseconds. A power surge will generally cause an increase in the flow of electricity by as little as five volts, or as much as thousands of volts, depending on the actual cause of the power surge.
When there is a major change in the electrical flow, that's when some of your electrical appliances can be completely fried, and your fuses can be blown. It's very common for power surges to negatively impact heating and cooling systems, residential security systems, televisions, computers, telephones, laser printers, fax machines, and all the kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Even smaller electrical devices such as hairdryers, electric razors, and electronic tools can be negatively impacted by power surges.

If you’re situated in Frederickson, WA, give us a call, and let’s discuss a whole-house surge protection installation for your residence in Frederickson!

How power surges are caused

Power surges can be caused by either internal sources or external sources, although the vast majority come from internal sources. Those which are caused externally come from lightning strikes, capacitor bank switching, and damage that is done to transformers or power lines. Internal power surges are generally triggered when large electrical loads switch on and off. For instance, an appliance that is turned on and then shut off could trigger a power surge.
Some of the most common sources of internal power surges are air conditioning systems and refrigerators. On commercial properties, potential hazards exist with vending machines, elevators, and very large computers, because they require continual energy, which sometimes gets interrupted when switching between functions. The intensity of any search will always depend on the amount of power that changes during the process. Fortunately, that means internal power surges are generally much less damaging than external power surges are. Keeping that in mind, it’s a good idea to think about home surge protection installation as a preventative measure.

Protect yourself from surges

You won’t have to worry about either internal or external power surges if you decide on a surge protection installation. And if you do, give us at Modern Wiring a call, and we’ll provide professional and safe surge protection installation for your home in Frederickson! We'll ensure that your appliances and your electrical wiring remain intact, even in the event of a significant power surge.

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