Electrical Outlet Installation

Many modern homeowners have discovered that there is an inadequate number of outlets installed in their homes to accommodate all the electrical usage needed for appliances and electronic devices associated with modern technology. Owners of older homes may also have discovered that some outlets situated throughout the household have sustained so much wear and tear that they need to be replaced or upgraded. If anything above-mentioned sounds like something you’ve encountered (or fear of encountering), contact Sumner’s number 1 team for electrical outlet installation, and we’ll assess your electrical requirements while determining whether you’re fit for new outlets.

Electrical outlet installation service

Electrical socket types

Installing new outlets isn’t a good idea if you’re not a professional. There is considerable danger associated with installing a new outlet or rewiring an old one. That's why you should contact the most reliable team for electrical socket installation in Sumner, so our safety-conscious specialists can do the job for you promptly and effectively. There are actually several different types of electrical outlets that can be installed in your home, including all the following:

    • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets – these are generally installed in outdoor areas or in areas of the home which are typically damp. The GFCI will detect whatever current is flowing down an unintended pathway, for instance, through water or even through a person. It will then cut the electric power circuit, which is responsible for providing electricity to that specific outlet.
    • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) outlets – these outlets prevent having an electric arc between wires and starting a fire, making your surroundings much safer.
    • Smart outlets – these can be associated with your smartphone, and are actually managed exclusively through your smartphone, to be turned on and off.
    • USB outlets – these types of outlets are receptacles for USB cords and are normally situated alongside two standard receptacles.
    • Switched outlets – these types of outlets are capable of replacing one or more of the receptacles with an actual switch.
    • 20 amp outlets – these outlets are designed to handle extremely powerful devices without tripping the circuit breaker. These kinds of outlets are generally installed where heavy appliances will be used, for instance, in washrooms, utility closets, and kitchens.

Keep your household outlets safe

It's very important to make sure that you have the proper kind of electrical wiring and the right types of outlets installed in your household. If your outlets are not up to standard, or if they're old and frayed, it can cause electrical shocks or even fires to be started within your home. To be sure that your outlets are safe and that you have an adequate number of outlets to provide service for all your electrical demands, contact us at Modern Wiring, and we’ll send the best electricians for outlets in Sumner, WA to your doorstep!

Need more electrical outlets installed?

Our specialists are frequently deployed for electrical outlet installation jobs to residences. This is because nowadays, there’s simply much greater usage of electronic devices overall.

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